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Mexican Adelita Costume Blouse and Skirt

This Adelita dress (or you can also call revolutionary dress) is made by women in communities near Mexico city.

For Mexican Revolution commemoration the most recognized outfits are for sure Adelitas. Adelita is the nickname given to women who fought alongside men in the Mexican Revolution from 1910 to 1920. It was used by women that would come to the battlefield and traveled with the revolutionary armies to help to cook meals, provide care to the wounded, wash clothes, etc.

The dress design is festive, floral patterns and the off-shoulder design make it classy and trendy. Off- shoulder blouse with elastic, and the skirt is adjustable waist. Used everywhere in Mexico for celebrations and festivities, especially for 5 de Mayo.

We are working with co-ops of women that work together to make pieces of art using their available time at home to embroider and woven. We support the indigenous families of Mexico empowering them to earn a stable income and providing a window to the world for their products with a fair trade price. Using our product you are sharing the story of women in Mexico whose hearts and dreams are carried in this piece.

One size only but fits small, medium and big sizes girls!